Unique gifts under $10 – ten dollar bargains 2020

Want unique gifts under $10. Looking for sub-ten dollar bargains? Don’t spend a ton of money on gifts for friends and family. Did you know that over $15bn of gift spend was wasted last christmas alone? That’s a lot of unnecessary dollars.

But when you do want to gift something, make sure you get a bargain. It’s all part of reducing your spending.

That means something that’s high end but doesn’t cost a lot.

Here, I’ve hunted down gift ideas for under $10 to surprise your loved ones: Enjoy exploring. Also just to let you know that the price was below $10 when these were added – but prices do change without notice! And these are Amazon affiliate links so I get a small cut if you but. The good news? You don’t pay any extra.

Waterproof Notepad

We’re all addicted to smartphones, but there’s one where your cell isn’t safe – the shower. This perfect gift is for anyone who gets inspiration whilst stood under running water. Take notes and be confident your best ideas will never be lost. Why not take a photo of your notepad so you have a digital copy too? 

Airpod Skins

These cute airpod skins come in a multitude of colors. A perfect, high quality but low price gift for the Apple fan in your life. The airpod skin protects the case from bumps and scratches meaning it might extend the headphones life. The skin is super easy to add to your airpods and immediately sets you apart. Every day, I’m looking for gifts that are high quality but low price and will pin them.

Wacky Waving Inflatable Guy

We’ve all seen these wacky guys waving at us from garage forecourts. Now you can own your own personal Wacky Waver.

Pooping Animals Coloring Book

Nothing says mindfulness than coloring in your fave animals as they relieve themselves. A light hearted gift that will have you scribbling.

Levi’s Bandanas

Classy banandas. Perfect for face covering or fashion. These Levi designs will never go out of fashion.

Burts Bees Travel Set

High end cleansing cream and hand salve for an incredible budget price. Burts Bees is famous for its high quality products. Selling now for under ten bucks.

UNO – the ultimate family card game

If you’ve never played Uno – you need to start now. If you already play, beware the dreaded +4 game. Uno is an awesome strategy game for all the family. This one comes in its own tin case to protect the cards.

Socks – If you can read this, bring me some Wine

Who doesn’t want wine? I know I do. But how will my loved one know I’m thirsty. These socks fit the bill.

LightSaber Chopsticks

The force is strong with these chopsticks. Each chinese food and imagine your are Darth Vader battling Luke Skywalker.

Smart Plug – Turn any appliance smart

Transform any appliance in your home into a Smart Alexa and Google Home device. This smart plug is incredible value at under $10.

Think and Grow Rich – The ultimate personal finance book

Napoleon Hill’s masterpiece. This book has helped more millionaires get rich than any other book (so some claim). Grab a copy for your loved one.

Cute Cat Ring Holder

Ever at a loss for where to keep your ring? Not any more. Just slip it on the cats tail.

I Can’t Say I Love You Enough – But this Box Can

Nothing says I love you like a box that says I love you. And the great news is this box says I love you.

Wallet Sized Multi-Purpose Tool

Ever needed a bottle opener in a hurry. I know I have. Slip this little beauty in to your wallet and never be short of key tools again.

Pair of Love Masks

As the world gets used to wearing masks, what better gift for your treasured loved ones than a mask with a heart. Comes as a pair so you can match.

65 Scrunchies!

The number of scrunchies here will last you the rest of your days. What an incredible bargain for tying up your hair.

Dishwasher – Clean or Dirty

It’s amazing how some people just forget to empty the dishwasher. Not any more with these cheeky labels.

Make Your Own Wind Chimes

Time to go zen with these home made wind chimes. Peace out and relax to their gentle chime.

Taco Tuesday Toy

Fun, chewable Taco toys

Roomy Make-Up abg

Smart looking makeup bag.

Beard Grooming Kit

Any man with a beard will love this grooming combination. And at such a great price for quality.

Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

Suddenly drinking your eight glasses of water a day will become a lot more tasty. Infuse fruit or herbs easily and quickly. Turn humdrum water into heaven.

Coffee Mug Warmer

It’s so easy to get distracted from your coffee. The phone rings, your boss arrives, the door bell rings. With the mug warmer, there’s no such worries. For the hot drinker in your life.

Flexible Flashlight

Practical and useful. This flashlight may not be the most glamorous product on the list but it’s essential and incredible value.

Doggy Lion Costume

If your friend or lover has a dog, then why not play a game of dress up. You pooch will love being the centre of attention as you play out a lion king fantasy.

Kitchen Multi-tool

Very useful kitchen multi-tool for a vast array of kitchen tasks and packs up neat.

Cloud Magnetic Key Holder

For the dreamer of the family, try a key holder that’s always one step away from rain.

USB Fan for Laptops

As the weather heats up, a targeted mini fan can be absolute heaven. This one plugs straight into your laptop so you can even use it on the go. No that’s cool.

Shark Coolie

And speaking of cool, how about keeping your beer cool too? Or just your Diet Coke. This shark coolie does the trick.

Twisty Cube Game – mini-Rubik’s Cube

For anyone who find the Rubik’s cube a little too challenging but still loves to play with their hands, try this puzzle out.

Jumbo Paperclip Organiser

Keep your home office tidy with this awesome statement of style and practicality. This jumbo paper clip shouts cool design.

All these gifts are less than ten dollars each but they’re fun, versatile and practical. For under $10, you can buy your special someone a gift they will love without breaking the bank.

What’s next?

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