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SpeedCubeShop Discount

Deals over the counter, get them right now on SpeedCubeShop. Going on big sale sitewide! Make your own original puzzle! More Less
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15% Off

LanLan Heart Copter

The LanLan Heart Copter is based off of the extremely popular Redi Cube. More Less
Limited-time offer


X-Man Bell Magnetic Pyraminx – Sale

X-Man designs has finally released the second magnetic-positioning pyraminx to the market! More Less
Limited-time offer


ShengShou Pearl Megaminx – Sale

The ShengShou Pearl Megaminx is a new released from ShengShou and has some interesting features! More Less
Limited-time offer


YuXin Blue 4×4 – Sale

YuXin's new 4x4 - the YuXin Blue - is a refresh of the popular YuXin 4x4. More Less
Limited-time offer


YuXin 4×4 – Sale

The YuXin 4x4 or "Unicorn King" is a spectacular 4x4 that is sweeping the speedcubing community. More Less
Limited-time offer


MoFang JiaoShi MF7S 7×7 – Sale

The MoFang JiaoShi MF7S is a very affordable 7x7 that offers a lot of performance for beginner/intermediate level solvers. More Less
Limited-time offer

10% Off

LanLan Flower Copter

The LanLan Flower Copter is a beautiful yet intimidating looking adaptation of the Curvy Copter! More Less
Limited-time offer

75% Off

GAN 356 Center Pieces V2 – Sale

If you are in the market for a GAN 356, or already own one, these V2 center caps are a must have! More Less
Limited-time offer

10% Off

QiYi WuXia 2×2

The QiYi WuXia 2x2 is the newest 2x2 to hit the market and also comes in a magnetized version! More Less
Limited-time offer


MoYu AoSu 60mm Mini 4×4 – Sale

This is a great 4x4 for someone who has smaller hands or is just looking for a slightly smaller 4x4 with excellent performance! More Less
Limited-time offer

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