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Man vaping mango e juice


Oh NO! I can’t find my PIM… where is my PIM?

I know you’re not new around here.

How do I know it?

Well, you wouldn’t have been searching for mango e juice if you had been new to vaping. Or… maybe I’m wrong.

Let me tell you something. My friend who has never vaped in his life called me and he said “Mate, what is wrong with these people? Why is everybody asking about that mango e-liquid at every corner? I tell you what… I’ve been on the beach yesterday and all I could smell was mango, mango everywhere. Where is this coming from?”

Yep. It seems that everybody is asking about the ripest and best tasting Mango Flavored E-Liquid on the Vape market.

But where to get it from if VapeChemist is out of stock?


Where to buy the best Best Mango e Juice

Best Mango e JuiceWell.. it was.

Now the sweetest Mango on the planet is back, so be prepared to tank this flavour as it is sure to be your next All Day Vape.

Oops! I think I dropped something…
Here it is: “QOUPON“. The coupon code that will give you 15% Off for every order placed on the VapeChemist’s original website.

Wait! Maybe you’ve got me wrong.

I’m not trying to sell anything here. Obviously, this is a coupon/deals website and as you can see I’m not really into reviewing products that I don’t like.

Now and then I post a review or I ask a friend who really had some experience with certain products and whom I trust of course, but other than that I don’t have much time for reviews.

Now, I wasn’t planning to make a review on mango e liquids from VapeChemis – although I’m The All Day Vape Man for two years since I’ve quit smoking (It feels so good now and I’m proud of it! – but they sent me free stuff. Who doesn’t like free Philippine Mango E-Liquid?

I’ve told myself: It doesn’t matter if you’ve tried it or not, you vape mango e juice for free!

And I’ve tried it, I’ve dripped it all and now I’m out of PIM.

Of course, I can ask them to send me more but I’m not sure I’ll get another one for free.

But you know what? You can get some for free too!


Get Mango e Juice for free!!

Vaping mango e-liquidSign up for their referral program and you’re good to go. Ask them about their promotions and they’ll be happy to assist you and they’ll send you free samples of mango e juice.

How cool is that?

And if you want to find out more about what others say about VapeChemist and their products check more reviews here.

Please don’t believe me! Try it!


Here is how you can save more:
Buy 2 $ 18.99 each  – 5% Off
Buy 3 $ 17.99 each  – 10% Off
Buy 4 $ 16.99 each  – 15% Off
Buy 5 or more $ 15.99 each  – 20% Off

And some product specifications that you can also find on their website:


-Bottle Sizes Available: 60ml and 120ml
-Nic Levels: 0mg, 3mg and 6mg
-60VG / 40PG Blend
-Shake well before vaping

And finally their shipping rates here.


Spread the love! Share your reviews and happy vaping!