Eyeline Speed Trap ReviewFor those having difficulty perfecting their swing path, like I did, there’s a new tool in the market for you: The EyeLine Golf Speed Trap.

The EyeLine Speed Trap is a handy golf tool to bring about during your time on the green. It’s designed to help you perfect your swing path by helping you orient your position to the hole.

For golfers who have been experiencing a loss of control when it comes to playing, keep scrolling to learn my full thoughts on this useful training aid.

My experience with The EyeLine Golf Speed Trap

The EyeLine Golf Speed Trap allowed me to fully follow through on my swing while improving my aim and power. The speed rods aided in training me to perfect my path, which contributed to muscle memory the more I practiced with the Speed Trap. There were also markers on the base of the Speed Trap that indicated the prime spot to place the ball on a chip, pitch, or full swing.


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How I use The EyeLine Golf Speed Trap

Speed Trap Golf AidSo how do you use it? The EyeLine Golf Speed Trap is quite foolproof to use and easy to understand, so you can make use of it from the moment it arrives on your doorstep. I simply aligned the white line in the middle to the hole and secured the piece down into the ground. It also works when you’re on the open range, just make sure to keep the white line perfectly aligned to your target.

The speed rods help prevent you from overdoing a swing by cushioning the pressure from your club to the ball quite easily. Simply place the speed rods where you want to correct your movement (as per instructions) and get practicing.

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The Speed Trap improved my movements

Eyeline Golf Speed Trap I also found myself focusing on my swing rather than the ball, which improved the fluidity and range in my movements. If you do hit a bad shot, you don’t have to worry about going out and replacing the speed rods, as they’re made of durable foam and will simply detach once hit incorrectly.

They are a great way of seeing and feeling how the club in your hand performs from the swing of your arms to the impact it makes on the ball. It is a dual experience that allows you correct yourself once you have identified the mistake you are making. It also makes evident when you make a mistake in releasing your club, therefore if you have someone helping you improve your game they can also rely on the visual results of each try through The EyeLine Golf Speed Trap.


Eyeline golf speed trap discount


Bottom line

Overall, The EyeLine Golf Speed Trap is a great training tool for improving the accuracy of your swing path and strike. The immediate visual result helps you orient yourself on focusing on the fluidity of your movements through your club rather than hitting (or missing) the ball and its proximity from the hole.

I have used it to improve my technique and I have seen impressive results in the short time I have been using it. It is a great tool for long-term use, and you can use it to help other players of varying levels improve their own technique.

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Review By Justin Day “I get butterflies when I get to the first tee for my casual rounds of golf.”