Auxx lift storage system reviewI used to struggle with depositing large objects in my home. Over the years both our shed and the garage cramped together everything they could fit in: pieces of furniture, lawnmowers, and garden decorations. My wife and I felt powerless as the items would pile up every month, and leaving less free space.

Fortunately, we came across a storage motorized system that put everything in order, and eased our minds. In this Auxx Lift review I will tell you how easy it is to create more free space in your garage or storage unit to give it a modern, clean and organized look.

Things to consider before buying the Auxx Lift home storage system

A motorized storage device is a safe and easy method of depositing objects you don’t normally use and save precious, free space at the same time. These types of mechanisms are ideal for garages and storage units with plenty of vertical room. An effective one can hold up to 600 pounds of heavy items into the air to leave the entire floor empty and ready to use for other purposes.

Motorized systems that enable you to create extra storage space are true problem-solvers for people who need to put away the out-of-season wardrobe, spares for car tires or holiday decorations. Also, you can do like me and use it for storing the children’s old bikes and toys or sports equipment for disciplines that I practice rarely.

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Before purchasing a home storage  you need to take several aspects into consideration, such as:

The size of your garage

You need to take exact measurements of your storing unit to make sure that the motorized system will fit.

The total weight of the objects that you need to store

Many motorized storage systems can hold between 400 lbs and 600 lbs, and you need to ensure that the one you buy can sustain the weight of your storage items.

4×8 ft. Auxx-Lift Premium 1400 (400lbs.) Garage Storage Lift – Silver Finish + FREE SHIPPING
4×8 ft. Premium Auxx Lift 1600 (600lbs) Garage Storage Lift – Silver Finish + FREE SHIPPING

Pros and Cons of the Auxx Lift

The motorized home storage system is an excellent alternative for depositing objects in your garage or your shed. It saves you time, money and a lot of back pain by effortlessly lifting your less-needed stuff into the air and keeping it there for future use.

By installing the Auxx-Lift you enhance the value of your home and give your storage unit a modern appearance. Also, you will not need ladders lying around anymore. In fact, I keep my two metal ladders on top of my motorized lift for easy access.

The Auxx Lift is great for getting more floor space and for having an easy method of retrieval for heavy equipment whenever they become necessary. However, this one is not suitable for people who want to store large objects that weigh more than 600 lbs. Get your auxx lift coupon here!

If you want to deposit sky jets together with old washing machines and snow blowers, you might wake up one day and find them all broken on the ground. Additionally, extra weight will damage the beams of it making it unusable and redundant.

There are some advantages and disadvantages to modernizing your home with a storage system. Here are some of them:

  • Declutters your storage unit
  • Helps you store more objects
  • Effortless mounting and retrieval
  • Easy setup
  • Wireless remote
  • Cannot hold more than 600 lbs
  • Not suitable for heavy machinery

Auxx Lift Review – Features and Benefits

The Auxx Lift comes fully equipped with two 0.5 HP motors and a 4ft x 8ft platform. There are two versions of the motorized lift that can hold 400 lbs (1400) and 600 lbs (1600) respectively. Both are simple to set up and easy to use even if you lack mechanical experience.

Auxx-Lift 1400 review

The 1400 is a robust storage device that impresses with its stylish design and refined features. It boasts a huge platform that upholds maximum 400 lbs of objects you do not need regularly. Its installment can prove to be extremely helpful in the long run as it saves you from the inconvenience of climbing up ladders or lifting heavy items.

The main specifications of Auxx-Lift 1400 include:

  • 2 potent 0.5 HP motors
  • One platform available in two sizes 4ft x 6ft and 4ft x 8ft
  • 3 support beams made of C-Channel heavy-duty rack
  • A wireless remote
  • Extra redundant safety features
  • UL Standard license
  • 3 Year warranty
  • 90-day money-back guarantee

Auxx lift storageAs you can see, the Auxx Lift 1400 comes with plenty of interesting features. The powerful motors ensure that the huge platform moves quickly up and down as you choose. The three support beams contain one of the most durable and sustaining materials on the market, and the wireless remote makes for easy control without requiring you to lift a finger.

The best part about it? It is fully American origin. This one is manufactured and assembled in the United States. By state law, it has all the legal requirements and it has successfully passed standard tests for such machinery.

The manufacturers of the 1400 started their business with a Kickstarter campaign and quickly convinced many people of this device usability. The engineers behind this ambitious project want to ensure the best services for their clients, which is why they offer a 90-day money-back guarantee and a free keychain remote for orders made up to 9/30/2018.

All in all, it can be a good deal for people who don’t want to get rid of the clutter they have gathered over the years, but they still want to keep it around. If you consider the 3-month money-back guarantee, you get plenty of time to test the product’s use and efficiency. Furthermore, free accessories like the keychain remote are always welcome.

Auxx-Lift 1600 review

The Auxx-Lift 1600 features most of the impressive features of the 1400 lift system, with the essential addition of possible extra charge. The benefit of opting for this version is the ability to store with up to 200 lbs more than the previous model.

The main specifications include:

  • 2 potent 0.5 HP motors
  • One platform that measures 4ft x 8ft
  • 3 support beams made of C-Channel heavy-duty rack
  • A wireless remote
  • Extra redundant safety features
  • UL Standard license
  • 3 Year warranty
  • 90-day money-back guarantee

Auxx-lift installationThe 1600 is great for large families who have seen their children grow up and have children of their own. Anyone who has been in this situation is aware of the amount of clutter that many people can produce. From toys and children bikes to old computers and outdated clothes, all of them can fit on this motorized home storage system.

If you have your heart set out to buy one, you should first weigh your entire mass of objects that you need to store. You might find out that the 1400 will not be powerful enough to hold all your clutter. In this regard, you should opt for the 1600 and get the job done right.

In fact, if the space of your storage unit allows it, you should go for the larger lift from the beginning. In time, you will surely gather more objects that you want to keep for later use, and a huge, powerful storage machine like The Auxx Lift 1600 will have enough space and strength to incorporate new items.

This one comes with a 100% 90-day money-back guarantee, too. This attractive feature allows you to test the product for as much as 3 months and, if you are not satisfied with it, you can return it for a full refund. In my case, I only needed 3 days to realize the utility of this machine to decide if I want to keep it or not. So far, so good – mine is still holding up strongly and keeping my floor space open and free.

By purchasing the Auxx-Lift 1600 system by the end of September 2018 you will also receive a miniature wireless remote control for free that you can attach to your keychain. This nice feature will allow you to control the lift without making any effort and move the machine up and down as you wish.

Motor power

Auxx-lift with remote controlBoth versions of motorized systems incorporate two 0.5HP motors. In total, their strength (1HP) is enough to lift up to 33,000 pounds, one foot high, one minute at a time. This tells you just how powerful they really are and how they will allow you to rapidly get all your clutter down in emergency cases.

Lifting height

Due to the 3 support beams made of C-Channel heavy-duty rack, both of them can get your storage objects up to 13 feet into the air. All you need to do is make sure that you have a tall storage unit or a garage that enable you to move your clutter as high as possible and far from the naked eye.

Material quality

The American manufacturer uses only top-quality materials in the fabrication of these products. The entire lifting machine holds a 3-year warranty and has passed all the necessary tests required for this sort of machinery.

Safety features

The Auxx Lift devices are non-dangerous methods of emptying your cluttered storage units and improving the quality of your home. They both come with a sleek design that has been formulated to provide user-friendly control and maintenance.

The Auxx Lift customer reviews

Before buying and installing the home storage system in my home, I was desperately looking for online reviews from trusted sources. To my disappointment, I have only encountered just a handful of customer testimonials about the Auxx Lift 1400 and the Auxx Lift 1600.

The good news is that all of these user reviews were positive and constructive. Most customers who purchased have praised its design and ease of use. Some of them have found the wireless remotes as nice additions to it.

customer review motorized garage storage customer review auxx lift

Some users have regretted purchasing the 1400 and not the 1600 from the very start. Unfortunately for them, they only realized they have more than 400 lbs of clutter to store after the 1400 was already installed.

All in all, the clients who bought the Auxx-Lift 1400 or the Auxx-Lift 1600 left positive reviews. In their honest testimonials, they have discussed the utility of this motorized storage systems, the affordable price and the excellent customer support that the company offers.

Auxx Lift price

Auxx-Lift Premium 1400Two 4x8 ft. Auxx Lift 1400 Premium Auxx Lift 1600Two 4x8 ft. Auxx Lift 1600
4×8 ft. Auxx-Lift Premium 1400 (400lbs.) Garage Storage Lift – Silver Finish + FREE SHIPPING (Regular price: $1,239; Sale: $889)
Two 4×8 ft. Auxx Lift 1400 (400lbs) – Garage Storage Lift + FREE SHIPPING (Best Value) (Regular price: $2,389; Sale: $1,789)
4×8 ft. Premium Auxx Lift 1600 (600lbs) Garage Storage Lift – Silver Finish + FREE SHIPPING (Regular price: $1,559; Sale: $1,089)
Two 4×8 ft. Auxx Lift 1600 (600lbs) Garage Storage Lifts + FREE SHIPPING (Regular price: $2,559; Sale: $2,089)


Alternatives to the Auxx-lift Home Storage System

Upon its release, it had to face the competition on the market of storage solutions. Some of the products have been out there for years, while recent models of lifts try to keep up with the industry standards. Unfortunately, few of them offer reliable on-the-ceiling storage solutions, which make the Auxx-Lift a decent alternative for long-term storage.

The storage lifts use the latest technology to ensure quick and safe storage for your home. If you want to test some of their alternatives, you can choose from these market-leading storage lifts:

Fleximounts overhead rackFleximounts Overhead Rack

A reliable and well-reviewed storage system is the Fleximounts Overhead Rack, which occupies up to 105 cubic feet of extra room in total and can be installed on the garage ceiling, provided that you have a small-sized car.

Amazon basics 5 shelfAmazon Basics 5-Shelf

One of the best-selling out there comes from Amazon. The Basics 5-Shelf may cost you less than the Auxx-Lift, and it can hold up to 1,500 lbs. The downside of purchasing this one is the fact that it does not really occupy much floor space, and you may require multiple shelves to store all your outdated items.

Akro Mils Hardware CabinetAkro-Mils Hardware Cabinet

The Akro-Mils Hardware Cabinet is a huge one of 44 drawers that enable you to store rarely used items. Beside the fact that you cannot store objects that are too large, this cabinet also has a difficult installation process, which may require special supervision from a mechanical expert.

The bottom line on the Auxx-lift Home Storage System

The Auxx-Lift is a reliable and affordable solution for the clutter in your deposit unit. Whether you go for the Auxx-Lift 1400 version or the slightly larger the Auxx-Lift 1600, you are bound to gain a free area on the floor of your garage, and up to 13 feet of open vertical space.

With the Auxx-Lift you will not have to worry about depositing new objects in your garage, in your attic or in your shade. This sturdy, beautifully-designed method of storage helps you access your seldom-used objects effortlessly and safely.

The Auxx-Lift puts the days of climbing ladders and lifting heavy objects way behind you.


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