Paypal Wedding Registry ( Wed&Wish )

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More and more couples are getting married and when they have bought everything they need to start living together, so on the Wed&Wish website are a few tips if you want to create a wedding register for your wedding trip.

Paypal Wedding Registry with Wed&Wish

We use PayPal (the world’s most trusted online payment provider) to process and transfer gift money directly to your PayPal couple account after each purchase. The list of wedding register souvenirs is usually updated each time you buy an item from the list, showing what is still available to your guests for choice.

With the honey Paypal Wedding Registry, you can register yourself for a honey experience – a romantic dinner, a fun excursion, hotel – and allow your guests to remember even more about their honey.

Wed&Wish will provide you with Wedding Registry cards with the print option that you can put in your invitation, so you can easily tell your friends and family where you are registered. Usually, if you have signed up for gifts, you will receive a discreet card on which you will be able to log in with the invitation, indicating your place of registration and, if necessary, the code and website.

To send honey gifts to your bank account, log in to your PayPal account and click on the Upload Cash command in the PayPal balance panel